Established in 2019, Choppaluna takes pride in providing healthy, delicious and innovative food, any way you slice it. Therefore, we’re building an empire of unique, contemporary and super chic restaurants in order to do so. In a world that is becoming increasingly more diverse in terms of diets, here at Choppaluna we’re a team of perfectionists that ensure to cater to everyone’s needs or guilt-free indulgences. To us food is an art, that’s why we build from scratch, chop to perfection and serve to the highest ‘Insta-worthy’ standards.



Choppaluna is the new healthy food experience that the nation never knew it needed. The UK fast-casual brand is truly disrupting the marketplace, bringing with it a unique lifestyle and dining offering that appeals to health-conscious consumers. At Choppaluna, we believe salads don’t have to be boring and our menu of flavour exploding Chopped Bowls and Big-Rolls expels this myth. 



We pride ourselves in placing our modern, progressive and environmentally conscious approach at the forefront of our brand. We have developed a sustainable supply chain to ensure each the meals prepared for our customers are fresh and brimming with local produce. Our environment is the place we should protect and value, so our packaging comes from renewable, recycled or certified sources, with all waste recycled or biodegradable.



Choppaluna dazzles with delicious, nutritious, and colourful choices that are fresh to order for each and every customer. Customers can watch as their perfect meal comes together live before their eyes in our atmospheric and fast-paced kitchen which delights just as much as the meal itself. The entire ritual of ordering your Choppaluna truly is a feast for the senses as we meet our goal of bringing affordable, super healthy food that our customers love and savour.



Our team of super-skilled choppers bring magical theatre and a food experience like no other. Making great-tasting salads is an art form for our passionate gurus. So, whether you’re in the mood for meat or fish, vegan or vegetarian, they’ll combine and chop all your favourite salad ingredients, and then box them with a glowing and happy smile!