Choose from over 60 fresh toppings and our homemade signature dressings! You can make your own salad according to your wishes and we can’t wait to see your creation. Stumped for inspiration? Just order from our chef’s menu – satisfaction guaranteed every time! Check our full menu for our variety of fantastic fresh food!


Our highly talented ‘choppers’ will then show you what makes your visit to Choppaluna so special. They’ll chop your salad right in front of your eyes and then mix it with a fresh dressing. Our salads are handcrafted using a Mezzaluna (moon shaped mincing knife!) to ensure your salad is chopped down for easy comsumption. No one wants a huge lettuce leaf! It’s awkward to eat.

Now creation is complete, you can enjoy it in a bowl or a roll. So feast on a flavour exploding salad or a roll in our perfectly matched breads – inspired by your favourite food hotspots from around the world. For desert or on it’s own, try our smoochies’ bowls – where smoothies kiss toppings.

You can also try our freshly made-to-order hot Scrambled Egg Rolls and Porridge – which we will both make to order and in less than 30 seconds for you live! It’s like magic.